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Anti-migrant Rhetoric in Georgia: Do Far-right Groups Threaten Georgia’s Pro-European Discourse?

Irakli Jgharkava*

Last month’s anti-migrant march in Tbilisi, baptized as the “national liberation movement”, marked an uptick in visible far-right sentiment in Georgia. The rally gathered around 2,000 people demanding the deportation of illegal immigrants and an overall toughening of the country’s immigration laws.  (more…)


Can a Third Way Movement Emerge in Georgian Politics?

Givi Silagadze*

Georgia’s 2016 parliamentary elections were a major coup for the Georgian Dream party (GD), which won 115 of 150 seats (76.67%). It did so despite receiving the support of only 24.37% of voters, revealing two problems that continue to afflict Georgian party politics: a heavily majoritarian electoral system and an extremely weak political opposition. This policy memo is devoted to the second issue. (more…)


Georgia: Leaving the Soviet Legacy Behind

Mikheil Peradze

It’s now official. The European Union not only positively assessed the reforms (i.e., implementation of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan) applied by the Georgian parliament, but also positively concluded the visa-waiver program within the parameters of the European Council and the European Parliament.



France’s policies toward the Eastern Partnership countries in context

David Cadier

France’s strategic attention interest and diplomatic engagement in the Eastern neighborhood have increased significantly during the last decade. Of the two geographical areas covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), (more…)


German Foreign Policy Explained

Silvia Stöber 

Georgia continues to make progress in Euro-Atlantic integration. In 2014 it signed an Association Agreement with the European Union and received a Substantial Package from NATO, and this year its citizens gained the right to travel visa-free within the Schengen area. (more…)


“Domine, quo vadis?” – Georgian Vulnerability to the EU’s Uncertain Future

Tatia Dolidze

Europe is both celebrating and commiserating the 60th anniversary of the Rome treaties as it coincides with the biggest identity crisis the Union has witnessed since the signing of those treaties. (more…)


Czech Perspectives on Georgia: Three Discourses

David Rypel
GIP commentary / March 2017

Georgia’s cultural history goes back millennia, so it’s people have had ample time to develop strong and coherent forms of national identity. However, being a small country, it’s less well-known outside the immediate region. (more…)


Why Is This Guy Still Talking About Democracy In Georgia?

Lincoln Mitchell
GIP commentary / March 2017

When you’ve spent a well over a decade writing about democracy in Georgia and are asked by a friend to write another piece about the topic, several challenges arise right away. (more…)


A Reluctant Partner: Georgian-German Relations Revisited

Kornely Kakachia
Georgian Institute of Politics
PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 463
March 2017

For Georgia, the enacting of an Association Agreement with the EU in the summer of 2016 was a pivotal moment in cementing its strategic bonds with Europe. (more…)