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Association Agreement Monitoring Group: Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia – Joint workshop

GIP has been commissioned by Open Society Foundations to organize a joint workshop for the civil society representatives from Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia engaged in montoring the implementation of select reform commitments under Association Agreements. The event took place in Odessa, Ukraine on November 27-28, 2017 in partnership with Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF), Soros Foundation-Moldova (SF-M) and the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) with the support from OSF Eurasia Program (EP) and the Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI).

The joint meeting in Odessa was aimed at sharing the best practices, discussing challenges and planning effective monitoring activities for 2017-2018. The event consisted of a workshop with experts from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, a public round-table discussion and a training in effective writing and advocacy.

The civil society experts shared their experiences and insights on reforms ongoing in the three countries: what is the status of the reforms implementation, what are the main challenges, and what is the role of civil society in each of the three countries. Local civil society, media and academia representatives from Odessa also took part in the discussion.

This is a continuation of the project started in 2016, with the support of OSF EP and OSEPI. The research and advocacy project aimed at supporting reform implementation in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and designed to strengthen research partnerships and capacity for knowledge generation, knowledge exchange, and knowledge uptake in selected three Associated countries. In the framework of this project, the national foundations produced a series of policy briefs assessing reforms in the areas of justice, anti-corruption and anti-discrimination, as well as other areas of concern for the specific national context. Based on the success of the implemented activities, this initiative proposes to continue and advance policy monitoring in the framework of AA implementation, ensuring continuation of methodological consistency and promoting exchange of ideas and experience between different partners from the EaP associated countries. 



Nov 27 - 28 2017
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