Mariam Grigalashvili

Policy Analyst
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Mariam Grigalashvili is a PhD Student of Tbilisi State University in International Relations.

As a project assistant, Mariam supports policy research and writes articles and blogs for GIP’s website. She works on different topics and collects information, researching required data and conducting interviews.

Apart from her theoretical background, through the Institute of International Relations and Political sciences VU and faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the Tbilisi State University, she has a valuable practical experience. She worked on analytical and research projects, displaying a high level of knowledge and understanding of political, security and economic issues of the region.

Mariam joined the Georgian Institute of Politics, because she believes that GIP gives her opportunities to widen her knowledge and learn how to research different topics. Working on policy related issues from civil society’s point of view, rather than within the state itself, is a welcoming challenge she very much enjoys.