GIP annual Democracy Conference

#GEODEM is an annual Democracy Conference of the Georgian Institute of Politics on democratization in Georgia, providing a high-level platform to discuss Georgia’s democratic development in light of the challenges to democracy in the country. Every year GEODEM takes on a different focus, bringing forth panels on the most pressing issues to the Georgian state and society. Invited international speakers, featuring leading academics, experts and politicians, contribute to placing concerns prevalent in Georgia in the global context of. GEODEM panels are complemented with the research done by GIP’s analysts on the topic of the year, which is presented at the Conference as Compendium of Policy Briefs. GEODEM has been taking place in Tbilisi since 2016. The Democracy Conference brings together Georgian and international politicians, public officials, journalists, academics, representatives of civil society, and independent experts. Live events gathered up to 200 participants. Since 2020, the GEODEM has adapted to online format, and will be taking place as a hybrid Democracy Conference, expanding our audiences beyond the physical borders of Tbilisi.