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Georgia’s European Perspective: Expert Interview with Professor Dr. Tanja A. Börzel

Interview by Shota Kakabadze, GIP Junior Policy Analyst

“I think Georgian society, and I’m saying Georgian society, I’m not talking about politicians here, has to make up its mind. It cannot have both the cake and eat it at the same time. If you want to be part of Europe and the European Union, you have to accept European values.”

Prof. Dr. Tanja A. Börzel is Professor of Political Science and holds the Chair for European Integration at the Otto-Suhr-Institute for Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin. (more…)


Geopolitical Implications of Nagorno Karabakh War for Georgia: Expectations from Great and Small Powers

Expert Comment #18 | July, 2021

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno Karabakh region culminated in a fierce military confrontation in October 2020. Dubbed the “Second Nagorno-Karabakh War”, the fighting ended with the November Agreement, according to which Armenia returned a part of the disputed enclave to Azerbaijan; this was then followed by internal political destabilization in Yerevan. The 2020 Nagorno Karabakh War unveiled the complexity of the long-running conflict and the interests of the major powers: Russia and Turkey emerged as the regional power brokers, while the West – i.e. the EU and the USA – showed themselves to be decidedly inactive. (more…)



Virtual Round Table Discussion: A new era or more of the same? Germany and the EaP countries after the 2021 German parliamentary elections

On 15 July, GIP hosted the Virtual Round Table Discussion: A new era or more of the same? Germany and the EaP countries after the 2021 German parliamentary elections. The event was part of the project “Georgia’s Europeanization: Assessing Progress Post 2020”, organized with the support of the Open Society Georgian Foundation (OSGF). It brought together policy practitioners and scholars from Germany for exchange of knowledge and critical discussion on the possible scenarios after the 2021 parliamentary elections in Germany and whether the EaP countries and Russia should expect a new era in German foreign policy or rather continuation of old policies. (more…)


GIP MA thesis award

We are pleased to announce that GIP awards the College of Europe student Lucie McAnea for the best MA Thesis on the Eastern Partnership (EaP)!

Lucie will receive a GIP prize for the thesis titled ‘Where there is a will, there is a way? Tracing the role of ‘speaking with one voice’ in the EU’s CSDP missions in Georgia and Somalia’.

GIP established its special prize for the best MA Thesis on Eastern Partnership for College of Europe students last year on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) and the College of Europe. (more…)


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