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Strengthening Public Policy Analysis Capacity in GeorgiaDAI/USAID12024-01-01 || 2024-12-31
Enhancing political culture in Georgia through inclusive party politicsHuman Security Division, FDFA, Switzerland12023-02-01 || 2025-01-15
Strengthening Georgia’s Alignment with the EU Security and Foreign PolicyOpen Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)12023-05-15 || 2024-05-31
Supporting Decrease of Media Polarization in Georgia and V4 StatesInternational Visegrad Fund and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of KoreaStrategic Analysis Think Tank, Hungarian Europe Society, Masaryk University, Foundation Institute of Public Affairs12023-06-30 || 2024-07-31
Supporting Youth-Oriented Public Service Delivery in the Remote Areas of GeorgiaOpen Government Partnership through the EU for Integrity Programme for the Eastern Partnership, funded by the European Union12023-06-01 || 2024-05-01
Mapping and Mitigating Georgia’s Resilience RisksNATO Public Diplomacy Division12023-03-03 || 2025-11-04
Strengthening sustainable political culture among Georgian political partiesHuman Security Division, FDFA, Switzerland02021-12-03 || 2022-12-04
Enhancing Georgia’s resilience in uncertain timesNATO’s Public Diplomacy Division (PDD)02022-04-01 || 2022-12-30
Black Sea Cooperation for Stronger Security: Georgia, Ukraine and AzerbaijanThe European Union through BSTForeign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” and Caucasus Policy Analysis Centre (CPAC)02022-04-01 || 2022-10-30
GEONext2022: Partnerships for Youth EngagementGerman Federal Foreign OfficePolis18002022-03-01 || 2022-12-01
EaP Cooperation for Stronger Democracy: Georgia, Moldova and ArmeniaThe Netherlands Fund for Regional Partnerships MATRA for regional cooperation in the Eastern Partnership (EaP)Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE, Moldova), Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC, Armenia)02021-06-01 || 2022-07-30
Georgia’s Europeanization: Assessing Progress Post 2020Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)Netgazeti02021-06-10 || 2022-05-10