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Strengthening sustainable political culture among Georgian political partiesHuman Security Division, FDFA, SwitzerlandCompleted12.2021 || 12.2022
Enhancing Georgia’s resilience in uncertain timesNATO’s Public Diplomacy Division (PDD)Completed04.2022 || 12.2022
Black Sea Cooperation for Stronger Security: Georgia, Ukraine and AzerbaijanThe European Union through BSTForeign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” and Caucasus Policy Analysis Centre (CPAC)Completed04.2022 || 10.2022
GEONext2022: Partnerships for Youth EngagementGerman Federal Foreign OfficePolis180Completed03.2022 || 12.2022
EaP Cooperation for Stronger Democracy: Georgia, Moldova and ArmeniaThe Netherlands Fund for Regional Partnerships MATRA for regional cooperation in the Eastern Partnership (EaP)Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE, Moldova), Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC, Armenia)Completed06.2021 || 07.2022
Georgia’s Europeanization: Assessing Progress Post 2020Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)NetgazetiCompleted06.2021 || 05.2022
The Role of the CSOs in DCFTA Implementation in Georgia, Moldova and UkraineEuropean Union under the re-granting scheme of EaP CSF SecretariatIPRE; IERCompleted05.2021 || 11.2021
Promoting consensus based political culture in GeorgiaEmbassy of the Republic of Lithuania to GeorgiaCompleted05.2021 || 10.2021
GEOYOUTH2021: Supporting youth participation in local political processesGerman Federal Foreign OfficePolis 180Completed03.2021 || 12.2021
Monitoring the Code of Conduct among political parties in GeorgiaHuman Security Division, FDFA, SwitzerlandCompleted10.2020 || 03.2021
Analyzing Geopolitical Shifts in the South CaucasusHeinrich Böll Stiftung Tbilisi – South Caucasus RegionOngoing02.2021 || 12.2022
De-Radicalisation in Europe and Beyond: Detect, Resolve, Re-integrateEU; Horizon2020Ongoing12.2020 || 11.2023