16/12/2022 GIP

GEONext in blogs | End-of-project round-up

#GEONext– Partnerships for Youth Engagement brought together young activists from all over Georgia with international businesses and organizations and young experts from Germany who have joined forces to tackle four specific societal challenges: 

Local initiative groups from different regions of Georgia implemented eight small projects that would further the country’s advancement in the above-mentioned specific fields. Moreover, the youth, with their German colleagues and with the help of the private sector analyzed existent challenges in each area. 

GEONEXT insights and analyses are reflected in the thematic blogs below:

  • Climate Change/ Sustainability

#Youth4climatechange Ways ahead: The EU green deal?

An analysis by Jil Kaiser

with Khatia Gabinashvili, Salome Kushashvili, Tamta Gabinashvili, Giorgi Mokverashvili, Ana Baidauri, Madina Alkhanashvili, Iman Sviakauri & Mari Margoshvili

With the adoption of the EU Green Deal and Eastern Partnership Initiative, the EU is putting forward an ambitious agenda to fight climate change within and beyond its borders. But what does the Green Deal mean for Georgia´s transformation process, and how can Georgian youth join forces with other actors to effectively tackle the effects of climate change?

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  • Digitization

Digital transformation, youth engagement and cross-sectoral cooperation

An analysis by Esther Kern

with Gvantsa Sikharulidze, Nino Uturashvili, Piqria Lomjaria, Nutsa Karseladze, Giorgi Tchabukiani, and Vasil Karseladze

The ongoing digital transformation has profound impacts on our economies, politics, and civil society, including youth engagement. Where and how young people engage changed over time,requiring new skill sets and partnerships. Cross-sectoral cooperation with private companies and other actors can help to equip young civil society actors with the necessary skills to lead the changes they want to see in society and politics.

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  • Regional Economic Developments

Sustainable and inclusive growth as the key to social cohesion and territorial parity in Georgia

An analysis by Jonas Nitschke

with Tamta Chankseliani, Salome Artmeladze, Tamar Papava, Tamar Rekhviashvili, David Aludauri, Nika Kratsashvili, Grisha Labadze and Sandro Jibladze

Despite some progress, Georgia continues to face major political and economic challenges. Unemployment is on the rise, and the economic and social consequences of the pandemic are severe. Nevertheless, two groups of young innovators in Kobuleti and Baghdadi showed their creativity to show their Municipalities’ economic potential.

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  • Inclusion

Creating inclusive societies through cross sector cooperation

An analysis by Nora Pohl

with Rima Beridze, Linda Beridze, Ana Sikhashvili, Dima Karchava, Nino Odisharia, Anna Sakhokia, Giorgi Kemularia, Mariam Jghamadze and Mariam Bolkvadze

In Georgia, people with disabilities face multiple challenges when it comes to participating in public and social life. Two groups of young people from different Georgian regions prove that through innovative ideas and cooperation with experienced experts, these challenges can be tackled.

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The project is implemented by the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) in partnership with the German grass-root organization Polis180, with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office.