08/02/2021 keta

II quarterly meeting of thematic Working Groups

The second phase of the project “Promoting Youth Transformational Leaders in Georgia”, which implies the creation of thematic working groups, is successfully underway. In total, 4 working groups unite selected alumni of the Emerging Leaders School (ELS2020). Working on various interesting initiatives under the supervision of respective field experts, there groups plan to implement small-scale projects within a year. Through weekly meetings, mentors stay in close contact with participants and help group members deepen their knowledge in a variety of areas.

The second quarterly meeting of the thematic Working Groups was held on February 6-7, 2021. Participants from each group, together with the mentors, summarized the work done within the first quarter, discussed the current challenges, and planned the future activities.

From the GIP, participants were informed about the possible formats they should use to present their findings.

Within the first quarter:

  • Participants conducted interviews
  • Analyzed existing documents on the issues/ topics of their interest
  • Searched for and reviewed the respective literature
  • Established internal working groups to complete specific tasks within a certain period of time
  • Started active preparations for the Youth Democracy Forum (May 2021).

The groups started working on the selected topics in October-November, 2020 and will finish it in September 2021.

The selected topics of current Working Groups are:

  • Strengthening vulnerable groups in Georgia: Women’s Economic Empowerment
  • Professional growth and youth employment
  • Environmental issues and ecological problems: Waste management
  • Youth political engagement

The project “Promoting Youth Transformational Leaders in Georgia” is implemented by Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) with the financial support of USAID/Georgia.