06/09/2022 keta

Strengthening sustainable political culture among Georgian political parties

Project Duration: 12.2021 || 12.2022

Status: Completed

Donor: Human Security Division, FDFA, Switzerland


Budget: 89.278 USD

The proposed project envisions raising awareness about the tool and methods of strengthening political culture and its components such as tolerance of opposing political beliefs, willingness to compromise, openness to criticism, constructive participation in issue-based debates, and recognizing the importance of stable electoral processes among the political parties. The proposed intervention will target young party members and women politicians, raising their awareness, motivation and commitment to improving political culture in their parties and in the country.

The project aims to promote value-based political culture in Georgia by:

-Engaging with young party members to raise their awareness on ethical campaigning, consensus based politics, and effective communication with voters to identify and formulate policy issues reflecting the needs of their constituents.

-Promoting internal issue-based discussions in political parties;

-Promoting inter-party collaboration on strategically important policy issues, which in turn will help identify party positions on certain policy areas and strengthen ideological identities of Georgian parties.

-Building on the lessons learned and preparing assessment and recommendations in the project report, which will be distributed to local and international stakeholders working with political parties.