Zurabishvili is in the lead but is unlikely to win the first round, according to experts

The candidate endorsed by the Georgian Dream (GD), Salome Zurabishvili, remains the strongest contender in the October 28 presidential election, but she will not win in the first round, according to the latest poll of engaged observers and experts. The expert survey, conducted by the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) in early October, is based on the opinions of 40 international and Georgian political observers and experts, whose input was collected through various channels. In sum, these estimates can be viewed as a “corridor of expectations” for the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections. (more…)


Do experts and public think differently? — Comparing expert and public opinions on important political issues

The seventh expert poll conducted by the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) explores the extent that the opinions of the expert community, both domestic and international, differ from the perceptions of the Georgian public. The survey collected responses from 28 renowned Georgian and foreign experts and scholars who are actively researching and studying Georgian domestic and foreign policy. In order to compare the expert respondents’ answers to the views of the general public, the questions in the survey were partly taken from the public surveys commissioned by the NDI and the IRI. (more…)


Pundits Weight on Georgia’s Europeanization Challenges

Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) asked twenty Georgian and foreign experts and scholars about the important trends and prospects of Georgia’s European integration. According to the survey results, the pundits believe that close relations with the EU and democratization processes in Georgia are closely linked and that Georgia will find it hard to consolidate its democracy without the EU’s support. Experts also believe that the process of European integration has a solid basis in Georgia and is supported by both the political elite and the population. (more…)


Assessment of 2017 by Georgian and international experts

The Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) conducted a survey to sum up 2017 as part of the “expert polls” project. The poll collected opinions and assessments about the ongoing political and economic processes in the country and its future prospects from 20 well-informed Georgian and international observers. Both Georgian and international experts expressed similar opinions, which served as a good reflection of the ambivalent results achieved by the Georgian government in terms of democratization, social, economic and foreign policies in 2017.