Affiliated Analyst

As a hub for innovative and effective policy recommendations and analysis, GIP attracts a range of affiliated analysists passionate about joining the cause. We are always ready to welcome in bold, ambitious, and innovative minds, committed to ensuring a bright and prosperous future for our region.

Mariam Bibilashvili

Mariam Bibilashvili

Salome Minesashvili

Salome Minesashvili

Teona Zurabashvili

Teona Zurabashvili

Levan Kakhishvili, GIP

Levan Kakhishvili


Tinatin Akhvlediani


Tatia Dolidze

Photo_Gvantsa Davitashvili

Gvantsa Davitashvili


Elene Panchulidze


Mikheil Sarjveladze