05/06/2021 keta

Georgia’s Europeanization: Assessing Progress Post 2020

Project Duration: 06.2021 || 05.2022

Status: Completed

Donor: Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)

Partner: Netgazeti

Budget: 24970 USD

The project aims to strengthen Georgia’s integration with the EU by:-assessing the status of the implementation of the 20 EaP deliverables for 2020 in Georgia;-raising awareness about how the framework interplays with previous bilateral agreements and its effects for country’s development;-providing recommendations to the Government, Parliament of Georgia and European stakeholders on effective implementation of the 20 deliverables, as an integral part of Georgia’s Europeanization agenda.

Project activities:

1.“Georgia on the European Way”: side event to the annual Batumi conference on Georgia-EU relations. A working paper based on AA.ge and an expert poll published to show the level of progress, success stories and challenges since the last EaP summit in 2017. (June, 2021)

2.In preparation for the EaP summit: round table discussions, 1 in Brussels and 1 in Tbilisi. A policy brief published for the discussion. (September, 2021)

3.Post-summit discussion in Tbilisi, analyzing the results and ways forward. Expert comment published, bringing together the opinions and assessments of Georgian and European policy experts. (December2021)

4.Closing event: public discussion summarizing the year and recommendations for the future aimed at raising awareness among the wider audiences and promoting public debates; closed discussion with the policy makers-briefing for MFA and Parliamentary Committee for European Integration. A policy paper published for the event