Promoting Youth Transformational Leaders in Georgia

Implementer: Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP)
In partnership with: CRRC Georgia
Supported by: USAID
Project duration: October 2019 – March 2022

The overall aim of the project proposal is to promote transformational young leaders in Georgia, enhancing their participation and representation in public life. To reach the desired change, this program holds the following objectives:

  • To engage young Georgian leaders  in discussion and encourage them towards political and civic participation;
  • To provide intensive and high quality training to active youth with fewer opportunities and leadership potential;
  • To provide active young people with the fundamental skills for political participation, such as leadership, effective communication, understanding the political landscape in Georgia and enhancing active citizenship competences;
  • To strengthen the role of young women and minorities in public life in Georgia.


Project activities:

  • Emerging leaders school (ELS) will train 240 young activists, politicians, journalists, community and civil society leaders from six Georgia’s regions and Tbilisi, during 2020 and 2021.
  • Thematic working groups will include ELS alumni, who will work on thematic policy areas following the ELS training. With support of coordinators and mentors, eight thematic working groups will be created, consisting of up to 15 members in each. In total, the activity will engage 120 young people.
  • Space for Debate will involve 300 young people in the open discussions on the policy relevant issues, giving them an opportunity to exchange opinions in an informal setting. The Space for Debate meetings will be conducted regularly, to develop a regular audience and reach for continuity beyond the project limits. In total, 18 Space for Debate discussions will be organized in Tbilisi and Georgia’s regions.
  • Youth Democracy Forum will be an annual event, bringing together active youth from civil society, political parties, academia and media. 300 young people will be invited to exchange ideas with policy makers, experts and inspiring international leaders, who have led transformation in their own countries. Three compendiums of policy memos will be published annually, one for each Forum, highlighting the policy issues discussed at the event.

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