03/03/2017 magda

NGOs : The decision made by the Supreme Court strengthens the doubts concerning the interference of the government in the court decision making process

We are deeply concerned by the decision, made on March 2 by the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court of Georgia, stating that the owner of Rustavi 2 shares will become Kibar Khalvashi (60%) and Ltd Panorama (40%).

The monitoring of the case provides grounds that In all three instances of judicial proceedings, as well as the final result, do not meet the requirements of an independent court decision and strengthens our doubts concerning the rough interference of the government in the decision making process.

We want to emphasize, that it left clear impression that government has been attempting to take control over the main opposition media outlet, which would significantly damage media pluralism and democracy in Georgia and threaten Euro-Atlantic integration process.

  1. Transparency International Georgia
  2. Civil Development Agency
  3. International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy
  4. Open Society Georgia Foundation
  5. Georgian Reforms Associates
  6. Atlantic Council of Georgia
  7. Georgian Farmers Association
  8. The Economic Policy Research Center
  9. Green Alternative
  10. Media Development Foundation
  11. UN Association of Georgia
  12. Georgian Democracy Initiative
  13. Regional Centre for Strategic Studies
  14. In Depth Reporting and Advocacy Center
  15. Union Safari
  16. Georgian Institute of Politics
  17. Voice from Georgia
  18. Institute for Development of Freedom of Information
  19. Society and Banks
  20. Media Advocacy Coalition
  21. Tolerance and Diversity Institute: TDI
  22. Green Alternative
  23. Article 42 of the Constitution