06/03/2022 keta

GEONext2022: Partnerships for Youth Engagement

Project Duration: 2022-03-01 || 2022-12-01

Status: 0

Donor: German Federal Foreign Office

Partner: Polis180

Budget: 28,689 EUR

The aim of #GEONext 2022 is to further strengthen the active network of young people willing to engage in local politics by linking them to a broader civil society sector, including NGOs, private companies and the public sector. The purpose of the project, therefore, is to use civic education and international, cross-sectoral cooperation to prepare the next generation of Georgians to be civically engaged, know and exercise their democratic rights and responsibilities, harness technology, and build partnerships, including with the private sector, in order to demand and facilitate increased government accountability.
Project objectives:
● 8 youth groups (3-5 persons each) will be selected from across Georgia, based on their project idea focusing on one of the thematic priority fields: digitalization, inclusion, climate/sustainability and regional economic development.
● Each group will be paired with a Mentor, from various sectors, including think tanks, finance, education, political foundations and business, covering above mentioned four central topics.
● Each group will be paired with a German youth representative from the network of Polis180who will act as Co-Mentor from and support the group with grassroots perspectives.
● The youth groups will receive sub-grants to implement their project ideas
● Online workshops(June) will be organized for the participants: (1) Practical Workshop on Project management/implementation, financial aspects, etc. (2) Thematic Workshop on Meaningful sustainable cooperation with the private sector.
● Implementation of the small grants will be overseen by he project team in the period of June-September.
● Presentation of the outcomes.