08/08/2020 magda

“Georgia in European Politics”

Project Duration: 11.2016 || 10.2017

Status: Completed

Donor: Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)

Budget: 22,615 USD

The project aims to strengthen Georgia’s integration with the EU by filling the information gap and strengthening Georgia’s participation in common public debate with European counterparts.

The project objectives are:

  • increasing the understanding of European realities and issues that drive public policy in the EU states;
  • more accurately and realistically assessing Georgian-EU relations and contributing to managing expectations regarding Euro-Atlantic integration process;
  • engaging in people-to-people dialogue on EU-relevant policy issues and its effects on Georgia.

In the framework of this project Georgian Institute of politics will publish a series of commentaries and blog articles on EU issues relevant to Georgia, or international events that might have implications for Georgia’s development or relations with the EU. Blog articles will address the wider public while commentaries will offer mode in-depth analysis of political processes in Europe. To create a space for open public debate on EU related issues GIP will organize public discussions bringing speakers with different backgrounds, ideologies and expertise to open up and expand the narrative on Georgia’s EU integration. Finally, Georgian Institute of Politics will organize a summer school in Batumi for Georgian and European students, which aims to expand the hands-on experience on different perceptions of Georgia-EU relations by bringing together young people from different cultural backgrounds.