02/11/2023 keta

Strengthening Georgia’s Alignment with the EU Security and Foreign Policy

Project Duration: 05.2023 || 05.2024

Status: Ongoing

Donor: Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)


Budget: 27,690 USD

The project aims to strengthen Georgia’s EU integration efforts by assessing the progress of AA/DCFTA, with an emphasison CSFP alignment, identifying challenges and stumbling blocks, creating synergies and advocating with relevant actors inGeorgia and the EU.

Proposed activities include: (1) a series of public and closed discussions , accompanied by (2) policyanalysis and recommendations, including blogs published by students and young researchers; (3) a scenario workshopwith civil society, academia and media, assessing different outcomes on EU’s decision on Georgia’s candidacy status and itsimpact; (4) international summer school in partnership with Nice University; (5) An advocacy trip in Brussels bringing theperspectives of Georgia’s civil society and presenting the results of scenario workshop.

Discussions and analysis producedwithin the project will focus on EU’s common security and foreign policy, threat perception and plans for the Black Searegion in the wake of Russia’s war in Ukraine; challenges for Georgia’s alignment with the CSFP and its tendencies; andways to overcome them, while strengthening Georgia’s EU candidacy aspirations. The project fi ndings will contribute toGeorgia’s progress assessment conducted by the European Commission, informing European stakeholders in Tbilisi,Brussels and the EU capitals. Signifi cantly, different target groups will be involved in content creation and advocacyactions, so that the Europeanization process can become more inclusive and open to Georgian society. Youth initiativegroups in Georgia’s regions will be better acquainted with the Europeanization reforms, challenges, and geopoliticalconsiderations, thus informing their activities geared to promoting EU integration among wider society groups.

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