01/08/2023 GIP

Anticipating the 2023 Three Seas Initiative Bucharest Summit



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European Institute of Romania

Author: European Institute of Romania (EIR)

Editors: Ana-Maria Andreea ANGHELESCU, Iulian ONEAȘCĂ, Experts, European Studies Unit

The collective report was designed as a comprehensive platform for experts from the 3SI participating countries, partners and potential future participants to present their views on the future of the 3SI framework, and their expectations regarding the 2023 Bucharest Summit. The ideas presented by the experts in this collective report paint a complex image of the context and challenges for the implementation of specific infrastructure projects in transportation, energy and digital connectivity, while providing insightful recommendations for their completion. The views expressed in this publication converge on the usefulness of a regional coordination effort such as the Three Seas Initiative, while proposing concrete steps to further increase the national commitments.

Key words: geopolitics, foreign policy, 3SI framework, three seas initiative countries, partner states, Georgia

EIR Working Paper Series, No. 46 | April 2023

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