23/04/2021 keta

The Embassy of Poland to Georgia organized a policy discussion about NATO-Georgia Relation in cooperation with GIP

On April 22 at 14:00, the Embassy of Poland to Georgia organized the presentation and the subsequent discussion of the policy paper Game of (open) Doors: NATO-Georgian Relations and Challenges for Sustainable Partnership. The event was organized in cooperation with the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP). The document was presented and assessed by its authors – Prof. Kornely Kakachia, Director of GIP and Prof. Shalva Dzebisashvili, Head of the Political Science and International Relations Program at the University of Georgia.

In his speech, Prof. Kornely Kakachia discussed the main issues related to the NATO-Georgia relations and reviewed the importance and future perspectives of the matter. He stressed the importance of Georgia’s proactive steps in order to accelerate the process of its integration into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Besides, Prof. Kakachia also addressed the set of obstacles Georgia faces in this process and the role Russia plays in it.

The second speaker, Prof. Shalva Dzebisashvili discussed potential alternatives to Georgia’s NATO membership. In this regard, he mainly focused on the possibilities of bilateral arrangements with different countries, and primarily with the USA. Prof. Dzebisashvili also spoke about various ways in which Georgia can be more proactive in relations with the NATO.

The discussion of the document continued within a Q&A session. The audience of the discussion comprised of the local and international experts, who’s interests revolve around the issues related to the NATO in general and Georgia’s North-Atlantic integration in particular. During the Q&A session authors and the listeners exchanged their views and expressed their readiness for future cooperation.

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