01/03/2023 GIP

#YouthforAction 2023 grant projects were launched

Emerging Leaders School (ELS) alumni started implementing small projects within the framework of the #YouthforAction grants program.

#YouthforAction 2023 combines five small-scale projects that will be implemented in the regions of Georgia with the financial support of USAID/Georgia. 

The grant projects provide the initiative groups with the opportunity in the regions of Georgia to implement short-term, community-based projects:

  • Project #1

Civic Initiative Club – “Re publica Salon” for the middle school students. Tbilisi, Gori, Tkibuli.

Group members: Ani Kakhidze, Vika Kakhidze, and Lika Goderdzishvili. 

Within the framework of the project, the team will create five education clubs in Tbilisi and two regions, which will be led by the trained teachers. The goal of the project is to raise awareness among middle school students on the challenges  that civil society is facing in Georgia and encourage them to actively work on the related issues in the future.

  • Project #2

Equality in diversity. Khashuri.

Group members: Mariam Lomidze, Salome Chavchavadze, Zura Minadze.

The goal of the project is to promote the equal involvement of girls and boys in public life and increase their awareness of gender equality, gender discrimination, and gender-based violence. Within the framework of the project, two groups will be created, which will work on the challenges related to gender equality and violence against women seen from their eyes, and will be involved in various educational activities and information campaigns.

  • Project #3 

Friendly generations. Zugdidi. 

Group members: Eduard Partsvania, Nana Shedania, Anna Gabelaia.

The project aims to improve the psycho-emotional bond between young people and the elderly through joint activities and resource sharing. Within the framework of the project, 15 young people and ten elderly people from Zugdidi municipality will be selected, who will hold various types of meetings in the social enterprise “Megobari” space and share their visions and experiences.

  • Project #4

Development of professional skills of young people in the media field. Kutaisi, Khoni.

Group members: Mariam Managadze, Natali Chakvetadze, Saba Chrelashvili.

The project aims to develop the capabilities of graduate students of faculty of Journalism and young professionals. In particular, young people will be allowed to participate in a professional program, within which a mentor will give them professional advice on how to develop professionally and determine their potential.

In addition, project participants will be involved in professional activities and will be able to directly develop practical skills using the Learning by doing method.

  • Project #5 

Break down gender stereotypes. Bolnisi. 

Group members: Gvantsa Mikoutadze, Tamar Chumburidze, Tatia Getia, Tata Bochorishvili, Sofo Ghaldadze.

The goal of the project is to raise the awareness of students of three different schools in the Bolnisi district on gender stereotypes and violence against women. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to organize a forum theater, a film screening, and a workshop in three selected schools.

#YouthforAction small grants program for the Emerging Leaders School (ELS) Alumni is implemented by the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) with the financial support of USAID/Georgia. 

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