Black Sea Summer University

Black Sea Summer University

Black Sea Summer University (BSSU) has been hosted by the Georgian Institute of Politics, in cooperation with the Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE), since 2015. The joint program brings together young researchers and lecturers – academics and practitioners – from Georgia, Black Sea region and the EU.

The Black Sea Summer University offers a high-profile study course for students of graduate programs in political science, international relations and other relevant fields, each year selecting another field of focus. The BSSU courses have covered such topics as geopolitics, security issues, regional integration, and the agency of the EU and NATO in the Black Sea region. BSSU students have engaged in interactive discussions, lectures, attended public events and study trips to get a deeper understanding of the course materials. BSSU also offers an opportunity to receive the ECTS credit for students currently enrolled in universities.

The Summer University aims to broaden people-to-people dialogue on relevant policy issues in the Black Sea region and its effects on Georgia. BSSU also aims to expand the hands-on experience on different perceptions of Georgia-EU relations by bringing together young people from different cultural backgrounds. Apart from the academic exchange, students have an opportunity to learn more about Georgia and take part in the cultural program outside of classes.

Applications for the Black Sea Summer University are opening in spring, organized by GIP (for Georgian students) and CIFE (for international students).

Program Events