Trainings for media

Trainings for media

Since 2017 GIP has conducted trainings for media editors and journalists on Georgia’s EU and NATO integration process. The training aims to promote a more informed discussion in the media on the topical issues of EU integration and implementation of the related reforms, for the purpose of augmenting knowledge about these issues among journalists and consequently – the wider society.

The media training program is based on the premise that a successful and sustainable governmental policy for Euro-Atlantic integration is based on Georgian citizens’ unwavering desire for integration into the family of European democracies. Georgia’s EU and NATO integration process has provided powerful incentives for positive internal reforms in governance and democratization. However, support for integration is disproportionately found among elite circles and those living in the capital, Tbilisi. More engagement in Georgia’s regions is necessary.

The trainings have been open to media editors and journalists from the regions and Tbilisi, organizing it in several locations to make the training easily accessible to all the participants.

Apart from the seminars, lectures and discussions in class, the program also included briefings with EU and NATO officials, a study trip to Brussels, a series of seminars with young journalists, small grants to media organizations and a masterclass by international journalists conducted in Tbilisi. GIP has also published analysis on media’s cooperation with the government and challenges for reporting on the EU issues.

The media training program has been funded by the US Embassy and the International Visegrad Fund.

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