GIP presented the Georgia Governance Index (GGI) 2021

On December 14, GIP presented the Georgia Governance Index (GGI).

The GGI report is the first attempt to offer a comprehensive assessment of Georgia’s performance in four governance areas: democracy and human rights (democratic governance), statehood, and state institutions (effective governance), social and economic policies (social and economic governance), and foreign and security policy (external governance).

The index was presented in Tbilisi with the aim of better informing the Georgian public and international community about the challenges inherent to Georgia’s governance and democratization processes. During the presentation, GIP shared the key GGI findings with the wider public, civil society, and field experts including expert survey results.  The event continued in a Q&A mode after the presentation in an open discussion format (👉 Program).

The index is intended to help strengthen the accountability of government and political actors to their constituents and promote more transparent governance. Additionally, it will help the Georgian government to receive constructive feedback from civil society activists, as well as Georgian think tanks and expert communities, on their policies and planned reforms. For civil society, this index will provide a platform to voice their concerns and provide constructive policy suggestions.

  • In terms of results, overall the first GGI depicts a bleak picture of Georgia throughout 2021. Georgia’s performance was suboptimal in all four areas of governance.
  • The country’s records were especially poor in the areas of democratic governance and effective governance while the other two areas also received below-average scores. Therefore, it is not surprising that the areas of democratic and effective governance dominated the list of challenges Georgia faced in 2021.
  • Provision of justice and judicial reforms were identified as the biggest failures, followed by poor management of pandemics, contested elections, and failed EU mediation.

Key findings, other results of the study, and recommendations in four governance areas can be found in the full GGI document 👉 ENG 

This document has been produced with the financial support of USAID/Georgia. The contents are the sole responsibility of GIP and can under no circumstance be regarded as reflecting the position of USAID.

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