16/02/2024 GIP

GIP Presented The Georgia Governance Index (GGI) 2023

On February 15th, 2024, GIP presented the third Georgia Governance Index (GGI) – an exhaustive progress report in the four spheres of Georgian governance measured in the previous year: democracy and human rights (democratic governance), effective state and state institutions (effective governance) social and economic policies (socio-economic governance) and foreign and security policy (external governance). The index was presented in Tbilisi to inform the Georgian public and international community about the challenges of governance and democratization in Georgia. The presentation included key findings and expert survey results and was followed by an open discussion in Q&A format.

About the GGI

The GGI is meant to increase accountability and transparency in governance and provide a platform for civil society to voice their concerns and provide constructive policy suggestions. The GGI continues to be a valuable tool for decision-makers in Georgia as it provides a comprehensive and uniquely Georgian perspective on the country’s governance and democratization processes. It highlights areas of improvement, as well as areas where more work needs to be done, allowing for informed decision-making to address the challenges faced by the country.

Methodologically, the GGI integrates both qualitative and quantitative research methods and epistemologies. Its scoring system derives from the GGI Expert Survey, conducted with 47 experts from various fields in Georgia, and is enhanced by qualitative research performed by the GIP team.

Key Findings:

Overall assessment of Georgia’s Government has slightly increased compared to the previous year (from 32,85 to 34,89). However, the score is still less than average. External Governance saw the largest backdrop and is not in the last place compared to the other governance areas. Assessments are law than average in the areas of Effective Governance and Social and Economic Governance. On the other hand, Democracy Governance received the highest scores and is now at the top of GGI. However, the score itself is still less than average (41.65).

In general, external developments and security issues dominate the surveys. The most mentioned positive event for Georgia was the EU granting the membership candidacy. On the other hand, particular concerns are related to dealing with the hybrid threats coming from Russia and strained relationships with the West and Ukraine.

The full GGI document contains detailed key findings, results, and recommendations, providing a roadmap for future progress in governance and democratization in Georgia. More information, including detailed results and recommendations, can be found in the full GGI document.


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