21/10/2021 keta

MEP Andrius Kubilius on the integration of Eastern Partnership Countries into the EU

On 19 October, MEP Andrius Kubilius and Ramūnas Stanionis presented a policy memo – “Eastern Partnership ‘Beyond Westlessness”: a New Momentum For The European Integration”, to the Georgian media at an online briefing organized by the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP).
The policy memo drafted by MEP Andrius Kubilius with Ramūnas Stanionis, Policy Advisor to MEP at the European Parliament, emphasizes that before full EU membership it’s important to get an intermediate EU membership status. MEPs talked about benefits related to ‘accelerated integration”.

According to the MEP, intermediate status is a realistic goal and a strong motivation for the Association Trio (Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova) countries. Twenty-two media organizations attended the briefing.

– “It is time for the EU to bring a new momentum into implementation of its strategic responsibility”.

To see the Policy Memo please follow this link 👉 EaP Beyond Westlessness

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