The project “Promoting Youth Transformational Leaders in Georgia” was closed

The four-year-long project “Promoting Youth Transformational Leaders in Georgia” was successfully closed in June 2023.

The initiative was implemented by the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) with the financial support of USAID during 2019-2023.

The project managed to achieve impressive results including training 250 young people in Tbilisi and eight different regions of Georgia, more than 2000 indirect beneficiaries being involved in different projects, and more than 30 small-scale youth initiatives implemented which encouraged youth to be more active in civic and political realms 🚀 In addition, project participants published 37 publications, including policy documents, blogs, briefs and more.

The project aimed at raising the awareness of 18-35-year-olds living in Tbilisi and regions, developing their leadership skills, and encouraging their social and political activism at the local level. The project consisted of a few main components: Emerging Leaders School (ELS), Working Groups (WGs), Space for Discussion (SfD), and Youth Democracy Forum (YDF), under which participants created nine different policy documents and over 100 recommendations on topics of their interest. Afterward, based on the policy findings, they implemented advocacy campaigns in local communities across Georgia. 

ELS Alumni Network was formed which now includes 250 members. The young people from the project network represent the most active and change-oriented segment of Georgian society who are bold enough to take initiative and work towards a better and more democratic future.

On behalf of the project team, we wish every one of them success and would like to thank them for their trust and cooperation. The GIP team is most proud of the strong and diverse youth network that was formed during the project and we will continue to engage them in different initiatives in the future. 

We hope and believe that our alums will actively continue supporting each other and making a significant contribution to strengthening democracy and institutions in Georgia 🚀

The Georgia Institute of Politics (GIP) is grateful to USAID and the American people for supporting this activity!

Also, we want to thank our partners and private and public sector representatives for their active cooperation.

Following the link, you can find the project results evaluation report: Youth Civic and Political Activism in Georgia.

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