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Promote and Act for Europe

Project Duration: 09.2019 || 02.2021

Status: Completed

Donor: Jean Monnet, Erasmus +, EU

Partners: Jean Monnet Erasmus + programme 2019, EU

Budget: 55,350.00 Euro

The aim of the project “Promote and Act for Europe” is to promote discussion and reflection on EU issues among one of the most vulnerable and excluded groups in Georgia, namely Armenian and Azerbaijani ethnic and religious minorities in the densely minority populated regions. The purpose of doing this is to enhance their knowledge about the benefits of European integration of Georgia and show them that they have equal rights in terms of opportunities given by the EU based on the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and DCFTA. This action will promote both the integration of ethnic and religious minorities on the national level with the rest of the society as well as their active participation in the EU integration processes.

Project goal: Promote engagement and support to Europeanization process among the ethnic and religious minority groups in Georgia.

Objective 1: Raise knowledge of the ethnic and religious minorities living in Georgia about the general benefits of Georgia’s EU integration through participatory based approach.

Objective 2. Collectively assessing the benefits and problems of the ethnic and religious minority populations in the Europeanization process of Georgia by using the best practices of the EU member states.

Objective 3: Actualizing and advocating the identified needs of the ethnic and religious minorities for their more effective engagement in the Europeanization process of Georgia.

Key Activities:

  • Creating working groups on the local level and conducting two cycles of training (train the trainers) to the ethnic minorities densely populated in Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli;
  •  Conducting participatory based qualitative research on whether the ethnic/religious minority groups benefit from EU opportunities and also the barriers they face in fully benefiting from this process and create the video products on that in cooperation with the local media outlets.
  • Organizing the series of presentations of the preliminary findings of the research and finally arranging the concluding conference for presenting the compendium of the policy briefs and project results in the form of multimedia illustrations.
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