20/05/2021 keta

Quest for Credible Elections in Georgia: Is “E” the Answer?

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This policy paper discusses the idea of employing internet voting in elections in Georgia and all the advantages and disadvantages this offers. It engages with detailed analysis of the Estonian case as the only country that has been using E-voting nationwide for fifteen years, and then discusses its application in the Georgian context. Considering all the advantages internet voting offers (boosting non-resident voter turnout, increasing participation of multiple socio-demographic groups, as well as making it easier for citizens living on the other side of the occupation line) the authorities need to start working in this direction as its implementation in Georgia may fix many key issues. However, before E-voting is introduced, there are several major challenges that need to be addressed: internet penetration and computer literacy remain quite low in the rural areas of the country. Furthermore, substantial work needs to be done to increase trust in the system.

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