16/10/2023 GIP

Women Politicians and Activists Drafted an Inter-Party Manifesto

The Georgian Institute of Politics organized a two-day workshop for women members of six political parties and civil society representatives on October 14-15, to facilitate creating an interparty document that will be focused on bringing political parties closer to the needs of the women voters.

Throughout spring and summer, workshop participants have conducted fieldwork to identify the expectations of female voters in different regions of Georgia. Small groups of women politicians and civic activists traveled to big cities and remote areas to conduct a series of interviews and focus groups with local communities, their women supporters.

As the result, the groups presented their fieldwork results at the workshop. Afterward, based on the key findings, the participants created a document, which will outline the female voter expectations towards political parties, as well as recommendations on what should be the parties’ response. Their inputs will be summarized in a joint manifesto, which will be made available for the wider public.

In the framework of the two-days event discussion about reforming the Young Politicians’ Interparty Council was held. Main topic was the perspective of expanding the Council and integrate women politicians in issue-based working on the different problems which are interesting for the voter. 

The manifesto will be presented at the General Assembly organized by the Georgian Institute of Politics on November 15. Within its framework, the authors of the manifesto will present their findings and engage in a discussion with the wider public as well as political leaders and party members. A new format of the Interparty Council will also be presented.

The workshop was organized with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Georgia within the project “Enhancing political culture in Georgia through inclusive party politics”.

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