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Results of the DCFTA Related Mappings of Georgian SMEs and CSOs

This publication is an integral part of the project “Georgia on the European Way: Creation of Eff ective Model for DCFTA and SME Strategy Implementation” launched in April 2017 and to be implemented by Spring 2019. The Project addresses the lack of awareness about opportunities provided by the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) Agreement between Georgia and the EU. It seeks to increase the role of Georgian civil society organizations in a nation-wide DCFTA/SME communication campaign and their capacities to assist local small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) in their preparations to access the EU single market.

The project is implemented by an international consortium of non-governmental organizations and think-tanks under the leadership of the Eastern Europe Studies Center (EESC, Lithuania) (more…)


Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: How Georgia Can Resist Authoritarian Pressure

Joseph Larsen

Georgia is at a crossroads regarding its democratic development and European Union (EU) integration. Despite being a poster child for democratization in the post-Soviet space, its progress in consolidating democratic institutions has stagnated since the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party won a constitutional supermajority in 2016. Untrammeled by parliamentary opposition and operating within a system of weak checks and balances, GD’s parliamentary majority has made a number of moves that cast doubt on its commitment to further democratic consolidation. Making matters worse, Georgia is being pressured by two authoritarian neighbors—Azerbaijan and Turkey—to flout its human rights obligations. (more…)



EU project helps Georgian SMEs to profit from the DCFTA and export their products to the EU Market

An international consortium of non-governmental organizations has released the results of its two surveys conducted on civil society organizations and small and medium enterprises in all regions of Georgia. 168 civil society organizations and 559 small and medium enterprises in 61 municipalities throughout Georgia participated.

The surveys analysed the opportunities offered by the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) concluded between the European Union and Georgia and identified the main challenges for Georgian small and medium enterprises and civil society organizations.



On Think Tanks Conference 2018: credibility, impact and emerging leadership

GIP’s programs manager Renata Skardziute-Kereselidze took part in On Think Tanks Conference, organized in London on 14-15 of February, 2018.

The On Think Tanks Conference brings together thinktankers, think tank scholars, policy entrepreneurs and think tanks funders from around the world to share experiences, present their research, co-develop solutions to common challenges and establish new or strengthen old partnerships.

The conference program addressed the issues of moral grounds for think tanks’ work, building credibility, measuring impact and effective communication, among many others. (more…)


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