Educational Programs

GIP’s education programs seek to increase access to knowledge for the young generation of Georgians.  The programs highlights opportunities for non-formal learning and provide opportunities for young professionals to expand their expertise in policy issues through workshops, seminars, trainings and conferences conducted in collaboration with Georgian experts, as well as European and American universities.

GIP has developed a range of programs, from extensive 20+ module civic education and leadership courses, to short-term skill trainings and summer schools for young academics and professionals.

Emerging Leaders School

GIP launched the Emerging Leaders School (ELS) in 2019, aiming to enhance youth participation in social and political life of Georgia. The School provides active young people with diverse backgrounds with series of trainings in fields related to political science, international relations, media and communications and economics as well as provide them with practical skills of project management, lobbying and advocacy, art of debate and public speech, among others.

Black Sea Summer University (BSSU)

The Black Sea Summer University offers a high-profile study course for students of graduate programs in political science, international relations and other relevant fields, each year selecting another field of focus. The BSSU courses have covered such topics as geopolitics, security issues, regional integration, and the agency of the EU and NATO in the Black Sea region. BSSU students have engaged in interactive discussions, lectures, attended public events and study trips to get a deeper understanding of the course materials. BSSU also offers an opportunity to receive the ECTS credit for students currently enrolled in universities.

Trainings for media

Since 2017 GIP has conducted trainings for media editors and journalists on Georgia’s EU and NATO integration process. The training aims to promote a more informed discussion in the media on the topical issues of EU integration and implementation of the related reforms, for the purpose of augmenting knowledge about these issues among journalists and consequently – the wider society.

Academic seminars

GIP cooperates with European and American universities to further academic collaboration and contribute to strengthening the Georgian research sector. To that end, GIP has taken part in research projects, such as EU-LISTCO, supported via EU’s Horizon 2020 program; and the GEOPATH, in collaboration with Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), funded by the Research Council of Norway. In addition to producing research, GIP’s academic programs offer opportunities for Georgia’s young researchers and academics.