18/02/2022 keta

Online discussion on Pandemic Management Challenges in Georgia

On February 17, the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) held an online discussion on Pandemic Management Challenges in Georgia.
Within the scope of the meeting, GIP researchers Bidzina Lebanidze and Salome Kandelaki presented a policy paper titled ‘From Top to Flop: Why Georgia Failed at Pandemic Resilience?’.

After the presentation of the document, public health experts participated in an online discussion: Ms. Khatuna Khazashvili, Head of the Department of Communicable Diseases, National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC) and Mr. Tengiz Verulava, MD, PhD, Medicine and Healthcare Management, Caucasus University. The event ended with the Q&A format, and the attending audience had the opportunity to find answers to their questions.

The online discussion was held within the framework of GIP’s ongoing project “Promoting Youth Transformational Leaders in Georgia” financially supported by USAID. The project aims to raise young people’s awareness about political processes and democratization to encourage their involvement by developing leadership skills. Currently, the third Emerging Leaders School (ELS) is on the way, focusing on three primary goals: raising awareness about current political processes and democracy, Developing participants’ leadership skills, and encouraging social and political involvement.
The meeting is a part of the Space for Discussion (SfD) series, which will be held regularly throughout the project.


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