06/03/2020 magda

Focus Group in Marneuli

Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) started intensive research work in the project target regions. On February 29, 2020, the research team together with the local coordinator from Kvemo Kartli region conducted the first focus group with young people aged 18-30. The aim of this research activity was to meet young residents of Marneuli from both genders with different educational backgrounds and ask them questions about how they perceive the relation between Georgia and the EU, whether they are aware and benefit from the opportunities that the EU created for the Georgian society. Specifically, the questions related to the quality of the service delivery, political engagement, which should be ensured according to the EU-Georgia Association Agreement (AA).

Focus group was attended by 12 people, out of which two were GIP researchers, one local coordinator and 9 focus group participants. The focus group was held in Azerbaijani language by the local coordinator and lasted for 150 minutes. The focus group was recorded by the video for the research analysis but the transcript of the video will be confidential. Overall, the event was interactive and successful.

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