16/04/2021 keta

GEOYOUTH2021 has begun

Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) in partnership with German grass-root organization Polis180 launched a new project #GEOYOUTH2021 “Supporting youth participation in local political processes”. The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and aims at forming and supporting the local initiative groups across Georgia as well as identifying their needs and supporting implementation of their initiatives.

On 15th April online information session was held for young people who are interested in taking part in the project. The project coordinators provided them with detailed information about the project and how to participate in it.

The information session was opened by Dr. Kornely Kakachia, Director of GIP, Frauke Seebass, member of the project team from the side of POLIS180 and Hubert Knirsch, German Ambassador to Georgia.

Within the framework of the project Call for Grant Applications for youth (18-35 years old) based in Georgia has been announced. Young people who are interested in taking part in this grant contest will have an opportunity to participate in the training sessions oriented on the development of skills. The training sessions will cover a wide array of topics such as the importance of youth political participation, project management, budgeting and many more.

By the end of the project (Fall, 2021), one representative of the grant recipient groups will travel to Berlin, Germany for a study visit, where they will meet the representatives of the partner organization and visit different governmental and non-governmental organizations.

[Note: Study visit in Germany will depend on the epidemic situation].

The project is the continuation of the #GEOYOUTH2020 “Supporting youth participation in local political processes”, which was implemented in 2020 and gathered more than 150 young people, including the representatives of ethnic minorities, from 8 different regions of Georgia. Under the framework of the project, regional summits were organized, during which participants discussed the challenges for youth political participation in Georgia and proposed potential solutions to these challenges. The Youth Manifesto (https://gip.ge/youth-manifesto/) prepared as a result of these summits reflects the discussions held by the youth and their visions for increasing political participation of young people in Georgia.

Watch the recorded info session here >>

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