15/03/2024 GIP

GIP launched Public Policy Analysis Hub to Strengthen Youth Analytical Capacity

On March 14, in a bid to foster effective engagement of young researchers in public policy discourse, the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP), with the generous support of the USAID National Governance Program, launched the Public Policy Analysis Hub (PPAHub). This initiative seeks to bolster informed decision-making by enhancing analytical capabilities among students, researchers, and policy practitioners.

The PPAHub serves as a collaborative platform for learning, skill development, and knowledge exchange among peers, experts, and academics. It aims to facilitate evidence-based research and analysis on crucial governance issues such as transparency, public administration reform (PAR), and good governance.

Central to the PPAHub’s offerings is a specialized Public Policy Analysis Course designed to equip participants with a deeper understanding of public policy dynamics and analytical tools. Twenty-five students and young researchers from 9 different universities have been selected to partake in this initiative.

Over the course of two months, participants will engage in 16 comprehensive sessions, covering both theoretical frameworks and practical applications. Renowned local and international experts will lead these sessions, conducted in Georgian and English languages.

During the opening ceremony, Richard Haselwood, Chief of Party at USAID National Governance Program, underscored the significance of this initiative in advancing Georgia’s democratic aspirations.

Prof. Kornely Kakachia, Director of the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP), emphasized the pivotal role of the Public Policy Analysis Hub in Georgia’s journey towards European integration. He stressed the importance of addressing pertinent issues and honing analytical, writing, and research skills among students.

Salome Kandelaki, Project Manager at GIP, presented an overview of the project, outlining its objectives and expected outcomes.

The launch of the Public Policy Analysis Hub signifies a significant milestone in Georgia’s pursuit of informed, evidence-based policymaking. It lays the groundwork for achieving analytical excellence within the country’s public policy landscape.

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