22/11/2021 keta

GIP Participated in the Future of Democracy Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania

A high-level forum On Defending Against Authoritarianism took place in Vilnius, 19-20 November 2021. The forum gathered high-caliber policy-makers, intellectuals, and various activists connected to democracy to address the main challenges for democracy in the world. The forum aimed to assist in laying, with discussions and documents, the groundwork for the Democracy Summit on 9-10 December 2021.

Worldwide, democracy faces different challenges which have become quite complex recently. Attendees of the event discussed main issues and challenges in terms of emerging radical political powers that are strengthening and questioning liberal democracy. 

The forum started with late-night discussions after a welcome dinner followed by an official opening and welcome remarks by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, H.E. Gabrielius Landsbergis. The keynote speech was delivered by Ms. Uzra Zeya, Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights of the U.S. The forum consisted of three panels: Contracting Democratic Space, which concentrated on the main challenges that democracy is facing today; Authoritarian Entrenchment deconstructed authoritarianism and its roots; Path to Democratic Revival focused on how to make democracy attractive again and what are the possible solutions to have a more positive impact in the world.

Director of Georgian Institute of Politics, Dr. Kornely Kakachia participated in the forum and discussed various global issues with high-level speakers and attendees of the forum, hosted by Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more information visit the website: https://www.futureofdemocracyforum.com/

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