16/11/2023 GIP

Strategic Crossroads or Hotbed of Threats? The Scope for EU Engagement in the Black Sea Region

The Konrad Adenauer Foundations South Caucasus Office (KAS) and Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) held the fourth round of the KAS-GIP Foreign Policy Talks on November 13, 2023, at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi. The event provided a robust platform for discussions on the strategic challenges and opportunities for European Union (EU) engagement in the Black Sea region.

The Black Sea holds significant geopolitical importance for the European Union, serving as a vital crossroads connecting Europe to the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Recent years have seen a deterioration in the security situation, primarily due to Russia’s aggressive actions, especially in Ukraine since 2022. The talks aimed to address these challenges and identify pathways for a renewed EU strategic vision in the region.

The KAS-GIP Foreign Policy Talks featured a debate paper, authored and presented by Dr. Laure Delcour is an Associate Professor, Sorbonne Nouvelle University, and a Visiting Professor, College of Europe. The discussion focused on the following questions:

  • ย What strategies should EU employ to effectively engage in the Black Sea region?

  • How do EU policies and priorities in the region impact Georgia?

  • What are Tbilisiโ€™s expectations towards EU initiatives to increase resilience in the country and the Black Sea region?

The talks delved into crucial questions such as the strategies the EU should employ for effective engagement in the Black Sea region and the impact of EU policies on Georgia. Tbilisi’s expectations towards EU initiatives to enhance resilience in the country and the broader Black Sea region were also a focal point of discussion.

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