11/07/2024 GIP

Thematic Policy Workshop of the Public Policy Analysis Hub and the Interparty Council

On July 5, the Georgian Institute of Politics held the thematic policy workshop of the Public Policy Analysis Hub and the Interparty Council. Inclusive policymaking is vital for fostering diverse perspectives and ensuring that a broad range of societal needs and interests are addressed. Youth perspectives are particularly important in the current context, as the participation of young people in democratic processes in Georgia has increased over the last two years. At the same time, for political actors to properly plan policies and prepare their programs, it is important to interact more with societal groups and share each other’s visions and experiences, including youth and women politicians. Their participation can help counter gender-based disinformation by challenging stereotypes and providing authentic narratives that highlight their contributions and capabilities. By actively involving these voices in decision-making processes, societies can create more equitable and resilient political environments, ultimately enhancing democratic governance and social cohesion.

With this in mind, Thematic Policy Workshop brought together young researchers from the Public Policy Analysis Hub and the members of the Interparty Council to discuss four policy areas: migration, fiscal inequality among Georgia’s municipalities, and parliamentary oversight of defense budgeting.

Three PPAHub participants presented their work in progress at the event: Ana Chubinidze, BA Graduate, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; Giorgi Labadze, a Ph.D. student in American Studies, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; Ani Ergemlidze, Program Officer, Program “Unity Through Diversity,” USAID; 

The discussants, members of the Interparty Council, then commented on the policy issues presented by young researchers, discussed recommendations and offered their perspectives. Speakers included Teona Chalidze, Chairwoman, Interparty Council; Tinatin Bolokadze, Party Member, Girchi – More Freedom; Nino Tsuladze, Party Member, For People; Juba Loladze, Party Member, Lelo for Georgia; Ana Gogoladze, Party Member, For Georgia; Mariam Gochelashvili, Party Member, Labour Party; Nana Tokhvadze, Party Member, Strategy Aghmashenebeli; and Tamar Korganashvili, Party Member, Lelo for Georgia.

Analytical works of young researchers represent untapped potential to strengthen informed public policy by building analytical capacity among students, researchers, and policy professionals. The thematic policy workshop was organized to promote policy engagement based on the policy documents and recommendations that were elaborated by the PPAHub members and discussed with representatives of the Interparty Council.

The event was implemented with the support of the USAID National Governance Program and the Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia.

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