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Should Georgia Apply for EU Membership in 2024?

Expert Comment #15 | February, 2021

A plan to submit a formal application for EU membership by 2024 was announced recently by the ruling Georgian Dream party. The decision was announced a few weeks before the parliamentary election, during the election campaign, and was later confirmed by a parliamentary resolution. Setting a deadline for EU application is an ambitious move, especially considering the current enlargement fatigue in the EU. (more…)


The Contested Triangle of Disinformation, Democratization and Populism in Georgia

Nino Gozalishvili

Freedom of expression is one of the essential pillars of democracy as we know it. Thus, normatively, democracies should not only pursue this value but also guarantee it to every citizen. However, free speech does not embrace just one definition:  different actors take the stage to interpret it in different ways.  In this milieu, “giving people a voice” has lately been seized by populist actors, an emergence of which has been observed in Georgia, as well. (more…)



Op-Ed: Understanding Georgia’s current political situation

Author: Teona Zurabashvili, Policy Analyst at Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP). 

The Op-Ed is originally published by (more…)


D.RAD: GIP became a part of the new Horizon2020 project

Recently, the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) became a part of the new Horizon2020 research project D.RAD – De-Radicalisation in Europe and Beyond: Detect, Resolve, Re-integrate. The project, which will last for three years, is financed by the EU’s research framework Horizon2020 and is implemented by international research consortium consisting of 18 EU and non-EU partners: (more…)


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