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Compendium of Policy Briefs – May 2017

This publication contains five policy briefs, each including recommendations on key issues pertaining to Europeanization and democratization in Georgia: priorities for Georgia’s further integration into Euro-Atlantic structures; the development of stable political party platforms; relations between the state and the Georgian Orthodox Church; and the balance of power across branches of government. (more…)


The End of Direct Presidential Elections – The Constitutional Reform Process in Georgia

Tornike Zurabashvili

As part of the ongoing constitutional reform process, the ruling Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia party (Georgian Dream) intends to abolish direct election of the president of Georgia, transferring voting power from the public to a college of electors (more…)



Germany 2009-2017: Images of an Uncertain Power and its Implications for Georgia.

Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration is a two-sided process, one that depends both on successful domestic reform and the policies of its European partners. Germany is one partner upon which Georgia’s European future partly depends. (more…)


International Conference – „Georgia at the Nexus of Democratization and Europeanization: Prospects and Challenges” #GeoDem2017

Georgia has made impressive democratic progress over the past two decades. However, issues related to democratization and Europeanization—as well as the links between them—remain pressing. (more…)


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