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War as an Instrument: the Five-Day War and Political Crisis in Ukraine

Dean, School of International Relations, Institute of Social Sciences; Associate Professor, Department of International Relations;
Leading Research Fellow, Center for International Studies, Odesa Mechnikov National University, Ukraine.

Expert Interview with Prof. Stephen Jones

Interview by Joseph Larsen, GIP Analyst

“The first republic is a reminder of the instabilities that can be brought on by Georgians’ own mistakes and delusions.”




Expert Polls: Experts Identify Georgia’s Biggest Challenges Going Forward

The Georgian Institute of Politics asked up to 30 Georgian and international engaged observers and experts about the prospects for Georgia’s future following the October parliamentary elections. (more…)


Georgia’s New Parliament at a Glance

How were MPs of Georgia’s new parliament elected, who hold leadership positions and what is the general structure of our new Parliament?

To answer these questions and make the information easily accessible, Georgian Institute of Politics is presenting – New Parliament at a Glance. (more…)


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