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Baltic Support for Georgia: Solidarity, Niche, and Security Policies

Mariam Apriashvili*
Research Paper

June 2017 / Issue #4

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have proven to be staunch supporters of Georgia and its declared foreign policy goal − integration and eventual membership into the Euro-Atlantic area. (more…)


Oligarchs in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia as key obstacles to reforms

Denis Cenusa, Wojciech Konończuk, Kornely Kakachia
Originaly published by 3dcftas

The paper reviews the role of oligarchs in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Oligarchy can be briefly defined as a system of governance in which a small and informal group of people, using their vast economic and (more…)



Georgian Institute of Politics Calls for Interns

We always need help from well-qualified, enthusiastic interns.

We review applications for internship positions twice per year during summer and winter.



Germany 2009-2017: Images of an Uncertain Power and its Implications for Georgia.

Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration is a two-sided process, one that depends both on successful domestic reform and the policies of its European partners. Germany is one partner upon which Georgia’s European future partly depends. (more…)


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