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Treaty on Open Skies: Could International Observation Flights be Canceled?

Mariam Grigalashvili

The Treaty on Open Skies (OS) has been a source of tension between Russia and Georgia since 2010. While the issue is serious, the Treaty on Open Skies and the problems related to it are rarely publicly discussed since the agreement is confidential and very technical. It is worth noting that, in recent years, the Russian media has been actively discussing violations of the terms of the agreement, however, particularly allegations that Georgia has violated and politicised it.

The main problem started in 2010 when Russia requested a 10-km restriction at the Abkhaz section of Georgian –Russian state border. (more…)


Do experts and public think differently? — Comparing expert and public opinions on important political issues

The seventh expert poll conducted by the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) explores the extent that the opinions of the expert community, both domestic and international, differ from the perceptions of the Georgian public. The survey collected responses from 28 renowned Georgian and foreign experts and scholars who are actively researching and studying Georgian domestic and foreign policy. In order to compare the expert respondents’ answers to the views of the general public, the questions in the survey were partly taken from the public surveys commissioned by the NDI and the IRI. (more…)



New article on elite perceptions and Georgia’s foreign policy towards Russia

Europe-Asia Studies published a new article – “Change and Continuity in the Foreign Policies of Small States: Elite Perceptions and Georgia’s Foreign Policy Towards Russia” by the GIP researchers  – Kornely Kakachia, Salome Minesashvili and Levan Kakhishvili
“The 2012 parliamentary elections witnessed Georgia’s first peaceful post-independence transfer of power. Under Bidzina Ivanishvili, the government formed by the Georgian Dream Coalition significantly softened the harsh anti-Russia rhetoric of Saakashvili’s ‘National Movement’, launching a policy aimed at normalising relations with Russia. (more…)

GIP hosted the Black Sea Summer University

On 19-25 July, 2018 the Black Sea Summer University – “Geopolitics of The Black Sea Region” – gathered Georgian and international students for an academic exchange in Tbilisi at Tbilisi State University. 

The Black Sea Summer University offered a high-profile study course for students of graduate programs in political science, international relations and other relevant fields. The course included lectures, discussions, a study visit to the Information Center on NATO and EU, and a cultural program for Georgian and international students. (more…)


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