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Social Underpinnings of Right-Wing Populism in Georgia

Salome Minesashvili

A wave of right-wing, nationalist populism is sweeping the Western world, illustrated by Brexit, the election of US President Donald Trump and the rise of right-wing parties across Europe. Although neither populism nor right-wing movements are new to Georgia, the combination of the two and their legitimization by legislative rights is a more recent development over the past two decades. As a result of the 2016 parliamentary elections, the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia, which is commonly assumed to be a right-wing populist party, managed to overcome the 5% threshold and secure seats in the legislative body, (more…)


A Positive Influence in the South Caucasus? Georgia’s Potential as a Regional Stabilizer

Victor Le Grix

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict that erupted in 1988 may reach a new level of intensity in the coming years. Although recent developments have shown the parties’ willingness to seriously restart the peace negotiations, the situation remains fragile. The implementation of an unbalanced status quo and the political attractiveness of short-term military victories in times of economic difficulties are factors which contribute to durable instability and  may still lead to a new clash. In a region where economic interests are so interconnected and influence is so disputed, (more…)



“Germany’s Role in Georgia’s European Future: How to align expectations?” – GIP & IEP joint public event in Berlin

On February 8 the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) and the Institute for European Politics (IEP) jointly organised a public event on “Germany’s Role in Georgia’s European Future: How to align expectations?” in Berlin, Germany. 

The event brought together more than 50 German and Georgian participants, including representatives from think tanks, universities and other research facilities, civil society organizations, NGOs and diplomatic missions. The main topics of discussion were the current state of affairs regarding German-Georgian bilateral relations and the role of Germany in Georgia’s Euro Atlantic integration process. (more…)


GIP Seminar for young journalists and students: “Georgia’s Foreign Policy, Identity and the EU”

On February 1, 2019 the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) conducted a seminar for young journalists and students in Batumi, who are interested in Georgia’s foreign policy and the EU-Georgia relations. The event was organized in cooperation with “Batumelebi” and Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. The one-day seminar was delivered by prof. Kornely Kakachia, GIP Director, and aimed to raise awareness about Euro-Atlantic integration processes, and engage youth in a thought-provoking discussion about strategic direction of Georgia’s policies. (more…)


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