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How negative are elections, and does it matter? Mapping the use of negative campaigning in elections across the world.

Dr. Alessandro Nai[1]

The report by an international monitoring commission for the 2018 Presidential election in Georgia concluded that the November runoff “was marred by harsh rhetoric”, and that “the negative character of the campaign on both sides undermined the process.”[2]


What are the chances that the EU visa suspension mechanism will be used against Georgia?

Expert Comment

Following the introduction of the EU’s visa free regime with Georgia, certain EU member states have expressed their concerns that Georgian citizens are misusing it. France, Austria, Germany and Sweden in particular have reported an increased number of violations (a higher number of unfounded asylum applications) since Georgia received visa-free status.



GIP participates in the Central and Eastern European Think Tank Forum in Bratislava

On June 6-7 GIP Director Kornely Kakachia took part in the Central and Eastern European Think Tank Forum, held in Bratislava, Slovakia.The summit gathered representatives of think tanks from Central and Eastern Europe to discuss common challenges and develop solutions to political, technological, economic, and organizational challenges of today.


GIP participates in the Eastern Partnership Conference of the Baltic Assembly in Vilnius

On May 30 – 31 GIP deputy director Renata Skardziute-Kereselidze took part in the Eastern Partnership Conference of the Baltic Assembly “Can We Deliver? Setting our Course over the next Ten Years”, held in Vilnius, Lithuania. The event gathered Members of Parliament from the Baltic, GUAM+Armenia, Visegrad and Benelux countries, as well as invited experts from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.


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