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Media coverage of the ultranationalist groups in Georgia: Mapping the structure of the discourse

Working Paper, April 2021 / #15

This paper analyzes the patterns of media coverage of Georgian ultranationalist groups and their discourse as covered by the three Georgian mainstream TV channels: Rustavi2, Imedi TV, and the 1st Channel of the Georgian Public Broadcaster. It examines whether and how much the ultranationalist narratives penetrate media discourse in Georgia, whether the media gives space to the counter arguments to ultra-nationalism, and who are the actors who set the discursive agenda around these issues. (more…)


Governmental Entities of Abkhazia and the Former Autonomous District of South Ossetia in Tbilisi: Power and Legitimacy in Exile

Working Paper, March 2021 / #12

The purpose of this research is to cast some light on the formation and maintenance of the governmental entities, which have been displaced from Abkhazia and Tskhinvali, the two breakaway regions of Georgia. This research contains a detailed study of the history, structure, and function of these entities, which continue their activities in displacement: the Government of Abkhazia, the Supreme Council of Abkhazia, and the Administration of South Ossetia. (more…)



GEOYOUTH2021 has begun

Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) in partnership with German grass-root organization Polis180 launched a new project #GEOYOUTH2021 “Supporting youth participation in local political processes”. The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and aims at forming and supporting the local initiative groups across Georgia as well as identifying their needs and supporting implementation of their initiatives. (more…)


Georgia’s Europeanization Beyond 2020: Assessing Progress, Identifying Challenges

The GIP held an online discussion “Georgia’s Europeanization Beyond 2020: Assessing Progress, Identifying Challenges” on April 14, 2021. The event brought together Georgian and international experts, academics and public officials to discuss the future of EaP framework and Georgia’s Europeanization agenda. (more…)


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