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Georgians celebrating the signing of the Association Agreement in 2014.

Georgia’s Visa Free Dream Deferred…Again

Jelger Groeneveld
Board member International Security & Defense division,
D66 liberal democratic party, Netherlands

December, 2016 marks a full year since the European Commission released its fourth and last progress report on Georgia’s (more…)


Russia is Stacking Both Decks in Armenia and Azerbaijan

Joseph Larsen
GIP Analysts

The South Caucasus countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan have been in conflict since 1988 (more…)


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Round Table – Parliamentary Elections 2016

On October 6 Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) and the Dutch liberal party – Democrats 66 (D66) – organized a round table discussion focused on Georgia’s democratic progress, social economic reforms, and foreign policy ambitions. (more…)


Expert Polls – GIP Initiative

The Georgian Dream remains ahead in the run-up to the Parliamentary Election on October 9, 2016, but the United National Movement gained momentum, according to the latest poll of engaged observers and experts. The poll, conducted by the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP), (more…)