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The Turkey-Russia Power Play Unfolding: Can Georgia Weather the “Frenemies” Trap?

Ivanna Machitidze

The developments resulting from Russia and Turkey’s turbulent relations have been shaping the political, economic and security landscape in the post-Cold War South Caucasus for three decades already. For Georgia it is a necessity to pursue a delicate maneuver due to the circumstances of its strategic partnership with Turkey, while simultaneously struggling to address Russia’s assertive and uncompromising stance towards Tbilisi. (more…)


Is Georgian Populism Eurosceptic?

Givi Silagadze

The proliferation of populist actors in the political systems of European countries in the last two decades has been accompanied by the rise of Euroscepticism. The tandem of populism and Euroscepticism, as some scholars refer to it,[1] has proven to be at odds with liberal-democratic norms and might potentially remold the dynamics of national party competition, especially with respect to the European Union. (more…)



A new concept for GIP’s annual conference: #GEODEM2020 moves online!

In April 2020, the 5th Edition of the Democracy Conference #GEODEM was supposed to be held in Tbilisi, welcoming more than 100 participants. Announced in early February, the main theme of the conference was Georgia Before the Elections: How to Avoid Democratic Backsliding?”

However, the coronavirus pandemic has led us to move all our work and planned events online. As a consequence, the Georgian Institute of Politics decided to adjust the conference format and to introduce a special 3 panel, 3 webinar concept for #GEODEM2020.  (more…)


GEOYOUTH2020 – Georgian Institute of Politics launches a new project!

In collaboration with a German partner organization, Polis180, Georgian Institute of Politics launches a new project – Manifesto Engaging Youth in Politics in Georgia financially supported by the Federal Foreign Office. (more…)


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