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Geopolitics and Security: A New Strategy for the South Caucasus

The South Caucasus is a region at the nexus of various economic, political, and energy interests. It is currently witnessing some of the most complex and dangerous events in the world today. It features weak states, direct and proxy wars, and a confluence of great power interests. It is also a prism for fundamental challenges to the international system, including separatism, security, energy transit, and infrastructure. Strategically, the South Caucasus sits at the crossroads of vibrant global markets: Central Asia and China to the east; Turkey and Europe to the west; Russia to the north; and Iran and the Middle East to the south. However, the lack of regional unity and unresolved frozen and protracted conflicts remain the biggest hurdles to developing a functioning regional security architecture. (more…)


GIP Interview with Dr. Barbaza Kunz on Georgia’s European perspectives within the context of current debates on the EU’s future

Europeanization is often viewed in Georgia as the process with an end goal of the membership in the European Union. How is it seen from Paris and Berlin? Dr. Barbara Kunz, a research fellow at the French Institute of International Relations’ Study Committee on French-German Relations, was kind enough to answer a few questions about Georgia’s European Perspectives. Interview by Levan Kakhishvili, GIP Analyst.

GIP also published a policy memo by Dr. Kunz – “Georgia’s European perspectives within the context of current debates on the EU’s future: A Franco-German view” (more…)



Book Presentation – “Geopolitics and Security: A New Strategy for the South Caucasus” – in Berlin

Kornely Kakachia, the GIP director, participated in the book presentation – “Geopolitics and Security: A New Strategy for the South Caucasus” – hosted by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) on May 17, 2018 in Berlin,Germany. 

The South Caucasus is a region at the nexus of economic, political, and energy interests between Russia, the EU, Turkey, Iran and China. It features weak states, as well as direct and proxy wars. The protracted separatist conflicts pose a key security challenge also involving external players such as Russia and Turkey. The EU tries to stabilize and transform the region with its Eastern Partnership policy. (more…)


GIP Organized a Study Trip to Brussels for Georgian Regional Journalists

On 15-16 May 2018, The Georgian Institute of Politics, in the framework of the project – “Empowering Regional Journalists for Fact-Based Reporting on Euro-Atlantic Integration” – organized a study visit to Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium, for regional journalists in Georgia.

Participants of the study trip are representatives of regional media agencies: Jaba Ananidze (Batumelebi), Nato Gogelia (Gurianews), and Ekaterina Nozadze (Borjomi TV), who took part in the trainings and competition (organized by GIP) for regional journalists and won by producing and publishing the best analysis of NATO and EU-related issues. 

During the two days of the visit, the participants had up to ten meetings (more…)


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