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Church and Politics or Church in Politics: How does the Georgian Orthodox Church Impact Georgia’s European Integration Policy?

Vladimer Narsia

This policy brief analyzes the role of the Georgian Orthodox Church (GOC) in Georgian society, particularly in the context of promoting the European integration process. The paper consists of three sections: sermons and preaching that influence European integration policy; the Church-State nexus as a non-secular alliance; and the weak international links of the GOC. All three sections look at the GOC from the perspective of its level of support for Georgia’s European integration policy. While Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II can be considered an ecumenical and equivalently a European minded leader based on some of his statements, his position has not been shared by all Georgian (more…)


Geopolitics and Security: A New Strategy for the South Caucasus

The South Caucasus is a region at the nexus of various economic, political, and energy interests. It is currently witnessing some of the most complex and dangerous events in the world today. It features weak states, direct and proxy wars, and a confluence of great power interests. It is also a prism for fundamental challenges to the international system, including separatism, security, energy transit, and infrastructure. Strategically, the South Caucasus sits at the crossroads of vibrant global markets: Central Asia and China to the east; Turkey and Europe to the west; Russia to the north; and Iran and the Middle East to the south. However, the lack of regional unity and unresolved frozen and protracted conflicts remain the biggest hurdles to developing a functioning regional security architecture. (more…)



Call for Applications #GEOEUvalues

Polis180 (Berlin), the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP, Tbilisi) and Argo (Paris) are pleased to announce a call for applications for participation in the German-Georgian-French workshop & conference

Between a Rock and a Hard Place? Georgian, German and French Perspectives on European Values and Euro-Atlantic Integration #GEOEUvalues

taking place in Tbilisi from 17-20 September.

#GEOEUvalues aims at discussing European values and ways of better anchoring them in the Georgian and the EU’s societies. What are the main challenges to European values in states with EU ambitions, such as Georgia, as well as within the EU? (more…)


The results of grant competition for the DCFTA awareness campaign are announced

On July 6, 2018 the members of the consortium of the European Union supported project “Georgia on the European Way: Creation of Effective Model for DCFTA and SME Strategy Implementation” have approved 53 project proposals from regional civil society organizations. The grant call is aimed at supporting Georgian civil society organizations’ role in raising public awareness, understanding and support for the implementation of the DCFTA. Among selected projects 24 are dedicated to the awareness raising about DCFTA among Georgian public, while another 29 proposals targeted awareness raising about DCFTA among regional small and medium enterprises and public servants. (more…)


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