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New publication – “The Struggle for Good Governance in Eastern Europe”

Originaly published by CEPS

This book contains the first comprehensive and independent comparative assessment of the fundamental political challenges facing GeorgiaMoldova and Ukraine in the context of their Association Agreements with the EU. Issues analysed in depth include the functioning of democratic institutions, the rule of law, the role of oligarchs and the advance (or not) of policies to combat corruption. Also analysed is the ‘hybrid’ aspect of the political regimes and societies in all three countries, as between their west and east European orientations. (more…)


Normative Power vs. Democratic Backsliding

European Values in the EU and Georgia

This policy paper is the result of a collaborative effort of the authors, Polis180, the Georgian Institute of Politics and Argo. It was inspired by the discussions we had during a workshop and conference, conducted from 16-20 September 2018 in Tbilisi as part of the project “Between a Rock and a Hard Place? Georgian, German and French Perspectives on European Values and Euro-Atlantic Integration”. We would like to thank the authors, editors and reviewers for their work on this paper and the workshop and conference speakers for their inspiring inputs. (more…)



A memorandum of mutual cooperation was signed between GIP and TSU

On December 5 the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) signed a memorandum of mutual cooperation. The signing ceremony was held at TSU.    

The memorandum was signed by – the director of Georgian Institute of Politics – Kornely Kakachia and the rector of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, George Sharvashidze. According to the agreement, signatories will ensure bilateral cooperation between the parties and the implementation of various educational activities for students, such as giving students of the faculty of Social and Political Sciences opportunity to participate in the internship program at GIP.  (more…)


Study visits of Georgian entrepreneurs, civil society and public officials to Lithuania and Slovakia

In October and November 2018, altogether 30 representatives of Georgian small and medium enterprises, civil society organizations and public officials were provided with opportunity to visit and learn about Lithuanian and Slovak practices of integrating into the EU single market. Each visit consisted of 15 Georgian representatives coming from different Georgian regions. Accordingly to professional interests of study trip participants, local partners the Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC) in Vilnius and the GLOBSEC Policy Institute  in Bratislava with the support of Georgian project implementers – the Georgian Institute of Politics, (more…)


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