28/05/2024 GIP

Closing Ceremony of the Public Policy Analysis Course

The Public Policy Analysis Hub (PPAHub), established by the Georgian Institute of Politics with the generous support of the USAID National Governance Program under the project “Public Policy Pilot Initiatives to Engage and Mentor Youth,” marked an important milestone. On May 25, GIP held the concluding session and closing ceremony of the Public Policy Analysis Course. 

In the framework of PPAHub, GIP conducted the two-month-long Public Policy Analysis Course and equipped students and young researchers with a deeper knowledge of public policy and tools for analysis. In total, 27 students and young researchers completed this program. The training course consisted of 16 thematic theoretical and practical sessions. The courses were delivered by local and international experts in Georgian and English. Under the framework of this course, the participants came up with public policy-relevant research topics and developed drafts for policy briefs with the support of GIP. The authors of the best four drafts were selected for the summer course of the Brussels School of Governance, taking place on May 27-31 in Brussels.

During the event, Nodar TANGIASHVILI, Public Policy Advisor at East-West Management Institute (Georgia), conducted the public policy analysis summarizing workshop. The Deputy Director of the GIP, Renata Skardžiūtė-KERESELIDZE, facilitated an interactive reflection session to evaluate the PPA Course. Salome KANDELAKI, Project Manager at the GIP, presented the further stage of the project and discussed future plans with participants. At the event, the GIP Director, Prof. Kornely KAKACHIA, and Ani AKHALKATSI, the Citizen Engagement Lead of the USAID National Governance Program, delivered a closing speech and awarded certificates to the participants.

Effective engagement of young people in public policy requires equipping the younger generations in Georgia with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective policy analysis. To that end, the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP), with the support of the USAID National Governance Program, established a Public Policy Analysis Hub (PPAHub). This transformative program aims to strengthen informed public policy by building analytical capacity among students, researchers, and policy professionals. It serves as a space for learning, gaining experience, exchanging with peers, experts, and academics, and producing evidence-based research and analysis on good governance, transparency, PAR, and other public policy issues, thereby paving the way for a brighter future.




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