29/03/2022 keta

Closing of the School on Party Politics – Spring Session 2022

On March 27 the closing ceremony of the School on Party Politics was held. The spring session of the School on Party Politics is the first, theoretical part of the project “Strengthening sustainable political culture among Georgian political parties”.

At the first stage of the project, participants have been working on the following issues:

  • History lessons: traditions of consensus in Georgia.
  • From political polarization to political competition: what are the interests of parties?
  • Facing the Illiberal Challenge: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies.
  • Security and Defense as a result of the political consensus process and public participation, and elections, electoral geography, and its socio-political dimensions.

From the next stage of the project, working groups compromised of political parties and civil society members will conduct field works to research what are the expectations of political parties from the electorate in different regions. Based on the main findings, participants will create a document that will constitute a certain guide in the process of building the issue and value-based political culture.

The project is implemented by the Georgian Institute of Politics with the support of the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in Georgia and it brings together members of political parties as well as civil society representatives.

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