Debate held in Warsaw on Georgia’s socio-political dilemmas

Dialogue Center Juliusz Mieroszewski in Warsaw hosted a debate titled “Georgian Dream”. 

Event, which expanded the topics of socio-political dilemmas of Georgians, included Prof. Kornely Kakachia, (Director, Georgian Institute of Politics) Stasia Budzisz (Reporter) and Mr. Wojciech Górecki (Center for Eastern Studies) as a guest speaker. During the debate they answered the following questions: 

👉 Do attempts to maintain good relations with Russia result from close contacts between the Georgian authorities and Russia, or maybe from fear of a repeat of the events of 2008?

👉 How does Georgian society react in the face of war in Ukraine? Who are the people calling for support for Ukraine and rapprochement with the EU?

👉 How do Georgians perceive the incoming Russians after February 24?

The Dialogue Center Juliusz Mieroszewski is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. Its mission is addressed to Poles and to the Ukrainian, Georgian and Moldovan peoples, as well as, to that part of Russian and Belarusian society that condemned the crimes of Vladimir Putin

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