22/10/2018 magda

GIP participates in the roundtable discussion on Georgia’s Europeanisation at Clingendael

On October 22, GIP Director, Kornely Kakachia and GIP Deputy Director – Renata Skardžiūtė-Kereselidze, were invited to speak at the roundtable discussion – “Prospects and Challenges for the Europeanisation of Georgia” by Clingendael Institute in the Hague, Netherlands.

With the launch of the visa-free regime between the EU and Georgia in March 2017, Georgian former Prime Minister Kvirikashvili declared, “Georgia is returning to the European family”. Meanwhile, the EU is experiencing a multiplicity of crises including the Brexit, the continuing migration crisis and the rise of nationalist-populist parties in its member states as well as concerns over the rule of law. Such issues have made French president Macron conclude that the EU first needs to make “a real reform to allow a deepening and better functioning of the European Union” before allowing new members in. Indeed, enlargement with the Eastern Partnership countries currently seems off the table. At the same time, the Georgian Europeanisation process continues slowly, though the challenges of democratic consolidation of the country and its long-term security remain. These developments raise the question what the future of EU-Georgian relations holds.

This seminar focused on the future of EU-Georgia relations in the fields of democracy and rule of law; economic integration; and security, in light of the Association Agreement, Eastern Partnership Framework and beyond. The participants discussed the Europeanisation challenges Georgia faces in the context of enlargement fatigue on both sides, asking how momentum for the process can be retained. The seminar brought together experts from GIP and the Clingendael Institute, and their networks, diplomats, politicians, policymakers and other practitioners. It convened in a confidential setting, aimed at facilitating and encouraging direct exchange.

The event is organised in the framework of the project: “Europeanization beyond Process: Bringing Georgia Closer to Europe” implemented by the Georgian Institute of Politics with a grant offered by the Open Society Initiative for Europe.






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