26/04/2018 magda

GIP Team’s Trip to Berlin Marked the Start of a Two-Year Program – “Europeanization Beyond Process”

On 23-25 April 2018, the GIP team traveled to Berlin for a networking stay, facilitated by the Institute of European Politics (IEP).  

The trip marked the start of a two-year program supported by Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE), called “Europeanization beyond Process”. Within this initiative, GIP will have an opportunity to expand contacts in the EU countries, focusing on Germany and France, improve research capacity, and develop advocacy and international visibility skills.

During the networking stay, GIP met with German experts and policy professionals. These meetings aimed at enhancing the visibility of topics related to Georgia and presenting GIP research and ongoing programs to a broader German audience. The team met with Georgian and Lithuanian ambassadors in Berlin, to discuss the initiative and planned project activities. In addition, GIP established new contacts to plan possible future cooperation with German partners.

The meetings in Berlin were facilitated by IEP, which serves as Berlin Policy Hub in the framework of the “Europeanization beyond process” initiative. In the next two years, IEP will work as a point of contact and hosting institution for selected Eastern European Think Tanks.

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