20/03/2021 keta

Workshop for creating analytical videos about Georgia’s inclusive Europeanization

On March 19, 2021, the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) organized one more workshop for the participants of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project to assist them in the process of creating analytical videos about Georgia’s inclusive Europeanization. More specifically, the aim of the workshop was to encourage the representatives of ethnic minorities from Samtskhe Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli to create analytical videos themselves about the benefits of the EU and the barriersto ethnic minorities in Georgia face in fully receiving these benefits. The purpose of creating these videos is to engage the ethnic minorities more in advocating for the change in their communities by spreading knowledge about Georgia’s European prospects and raising awareness about the role of ethnic minorities in this process. Participants of the workshop were also instructed on how to approach relevant stakeholders while working on the creation of the analytical videos.

The workshop was conducted by Shorena Lortkipanidze, a Georgian expert who provided theoretical and practical information about the policy of advocacy and instructed the participants on how to approach relevant stakeholders while creating analytical videos about Georgia’s inclusive Europeanization. More than 15 people attended the workshop from two target regions, who actively contributed to brainstorming and conducting the analysis of relevant stakeholders related to the EU benefits.

The event was held under the framework of the Erasmus + Jean Monnet Project “Promote and Act for Europe” financially supported by the EU.

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