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Experience-Sharing of V4 Countries to Promote Media Professionalism in reporting Georgia’s European integration

Project Duration: 2018-09-01 || 2019-08-01

Status: 0

Donor: International Visegrad Fund

Partners: GLOBSEC (Slovakia), Foundation Institute of Public Affairs (ISP, Poland), and Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

Budget: 40 000 EUR

Georgian Institute of Politics has launched a project entitled “Experience-Sharing of V4 Countries to Promote Media Professionalism in reporting Georgia’s European integration”. Project will be implemented in partnership with GLOBSEC (Slovakia), Foundation Institute of Public Affairs (ISP, Poland), and Masaryk University (Czech Republic).

The project aims to empower journalists in Georgia’s regions and minority-populated areas, through training, monitoring activities and learning from experience of V4 countries, to positively shape opinion on EU integration processes through fact-based, accessible reporting.

Focus areas: Democratic values and the media, improved media and information literacy for increased resilience towards biased reporting, disinformation and propaganda.

  • This projects aims to:
    • Promote a more informed discussion on the topical issues of EU integration and DCFTA implementation for the purpose of augmenting knowledge about these issues among journalists and consequently increasing the quality of reporting in both nationwide and local media;
    • Contribute to dispelling harmful myths and managing expectations regarding Georgia’s European integration in order to effectively counter Russian propaganda and ensure better-informed public opinion on Georgia’s EU membership aspirations;
    • Promote expertise on the part of the media on Euro integration issues, including the benefits for Georgia and the wider region that ensue from these processes;
    • Raise awareness among young journalists in Georgia’s regions as agents of positive change in Georgia’s European integration processes;
    • Experience of editorial policy of V4 countries will be shared to Georgian journalists and active ties will be established by mentoring in the process of monitoring and providing recommendations how to improve media environment in Georgia’s regions.
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