08/09/2018 magda

Georgia’s Integration to NATO: 10 Years Since Bucharest Summit

Project Duration: 09.2018 || 11.2018

Status: Completed

Donor: NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division (PDD)


Budget: 9,995 EUR

The project aims at raising awareness through producing four promotional videos about the achievements of Georgia’s integration process with the NATO during the past 10 years. The project will engage with two main target groups in the Georgian society: the part of the Georgian society that is rather skeptical about Georgia’s integration prospects with the NATO, and the part of the society that is more likely to be supporting Georgia’s further integration with the NATO but might be frustrated with it due to Georgia not having got MAP even after ten years since the Bucharest summit. The goal, therefore, is to demonstrate the achievements and how they translate into tangible or intangible benefits for Georgian citizens.


  • Creating video materials to highlight the key aspects of Georgia-NATO cooperation in the last 10 years – The project team will conduct a research on Georgia-NATO cooperation and select four areas to be highlighted in videos. The researchers will conduct desk research and interviews, as needed, with NATO Liaison Office, Ministry of Defense representatives, and security experts. The data will then be used to produce the videos. The videos will be promoted through various channels of media including television, online media agencies, and social media.
  • Presentation of the videos on Georgia-NATO cooperation – GIP will organize an event to present the videos on Georgia-NATO cooperation prepared within the framework of this project, and to discuss the NATO-Georgia relations. The event will be hosted at the premises of the NATO Liaison Office in Georgia and will bring together the expert community, policy professionals, civil society, academia, public officials and media as well as the international community and diplomats residing in Georgia.