08/02/2021 GIP

One Step Forward – One Step Back: The Dilemma of State Resilience in the Absence of Coordinated Policy


Shalva Dzebisashvili
Publish Date:

The following work is an attempt to provide a detailed review and assessment of Georgia’s security system in the context of resilience – a concept that has become highly prominent lately. The importance of this concept derives not only from objective circumstances (noticeably the worsened military-political (security) environment), but also the recognition of this principle as a cornerstone of security and defense capabilities by the EU and the North-Atlantic Alliance. Therefore, the level of resilience in Georgia as a country is subject to coordinated and timely actions by relevant agencies, as well as the participation of society in the context of increased resilience. As a result of this analysis, it is hard to identify one specific area which has made significant progress. A typical problem is the lack of policy coordination and, therefore, the lack of agreed long-term objectives and this noticeably weakens the allocation of required resources and the elaboration and application of implementation plans.

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