01/02/2024 GIP

Public discussion “NATO-Georgia Relations Amid the New Strategic Context”

On January 31, 2024 the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) hosted a public discussion titled “NATO-Georgia Relations Amid the New Strategic Context” at the Information Center on NATO and EU. The event, held on January 31, addressed the seismic impact of the February 2022 Russian war of aggression in Ukraine on the security dynamics of the Black Sea region, particularly for Georgia.

Given Georgia’s proximity to Ukraine and Moldova, the war significantly heightened Tbilisi’s vulnerability and underscored the nation’s insecurity across foreign, security, and domestic spheres. The absence of steadfast allies or firm security guarantees, such as NATO’s Article 5, further compounded Georgia’s concerns.

Key questions addressed during the event included the current state and prospects of the NATO-Georgia partnership amidst evolving geopolitical dynamics, methods to bolster the partnership during uncertain times, and the significance of fortifying Georgia’s democracy and societal resilience in the journey towards NATO integration. GIP researchers presented the policy paper “Next Stage in the NATO-Georgia Relations: Filling the Democracy Gap” at the event.

The event was co-funded by the British Embassy in Tbilisi as the continuation of the project “Mapping and Mitigating Georgia’s Resilience Risks,” which was co-sponsored by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

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