21/09/2017 GIP

German Elections 2017: Continuity at the Top, a Looming Disaster from Below


Silvia Stöber
Publish Date:

“Boring” is a word often used to describe the ongoing election campaign in Germany. The campaign will conclude on September 24 when the citizens elect new members to the Bundestag. A new government will be formed according to the results.

At first glance, not much exciting has happened in recent weeks. The two main contestants – the Christian Democrat Angela Merkel and the Social Democrat Martin Schulz – fought a duel on live television in which both tried to overbid the other in political correctness and kindness.

Notably, Schulz did not behave like a challenger but rather like a party colleague. Many would say correctly so, as for four years now and for the third time since the Bundesrepublik’s founding in 1949 their parties have governed Germany in a coalition. There seems to be no fundamental difference in the two parties’ programs.

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